Suitable drainage solutions are essential for dealing with surface water and waste water.

Inadequate drainage systems on building projects can vastly increase the risk of flooding and/or pollution.

G & J Groundworks can undertake all aspects of groundwork and drainage, including an initial drainage survey. We provide innovative, cost-effective solutions for both domestic, commercial and industrial customers.

Our vast experience within the drainage industry covers installations such as:

  • Foundations drainage installation
  • Drainage system reconstruction
  • Drainage system repairs

A high quality drainage system reduces the likelihood of drainage-related problems in future, whether we upgrade existing drainage or install a new system.
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We offer professionally fitted pipework for waste water, mains water and surface water drainage. This includes both clay and PVC systems, depending on your requirements.

We offer a full installation service, from replacement water pipes to complete water mains projects. Services include:

  • Sewer pipe laying
  • Sewer connections
  • Drainage for new builds
  • Water mains for new builds
  • Maintenance for existing drainage systems


A soakaway is simply a hole dug into the ground, filled with a highly permeable material such as rubble, concrete or polyethylene. By allowing rainwater to make its way back into the earth, surface damage is avoided, risk of flooding decreases and overall safety is maintained. A soakaway will temporarily store the immediate excess water, giving it time to permeate into the adjacent soil.

G & J Groundworks has completed many soakaway installations, both as part of complete groundwork solutions and as standalone projects.